Mentoring Programs

Triad Mentoring Program

The Triad Mentoring Program matches two assistant professors (mentees) with a tenured faculty member (mentor). These mentoring triads provide both peer mentoring and mentoring from a senior faculty member.

Associate Professor Mentoring Program

The Associate Professor Mentoring Program matches associate professors in one on one mentoring relationships with full professors, each from a different department.


Pairings in both programs are made between the Schools of Humanities and Social Sciences as well as the Schools of Engineering and Natural Sciences.

Mentors meet approximately 1-2 times a month with their assigned mentees summer through the academic year.  The Office of Faculty Development reimburses mentors the cost of meals and/or coffee.

In evaluations of this Program, mentors say they participate because they think it is important for senior faculty to mentor junior faculty /associate professors and that it is interesting to get to know other faculty outside their departments. Top areas of discussion include: 1) balancing personal and professional life; 2) effectively managing a lab or project; 3) finding and selecting graduate students; 4) balancing committee and service work; 5) appropriately raising concerns, issues, and/or problems in the department; and 6) department politics.