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Academic Impressions Webcast: Engaging and Celebrating First-Generation Students and Faculty on Your Campus

Better engage and learn ways to celebrate first-gen students on your campus.

Institutions often struggle to support first-gen students as many of them hide their status or are unaware that they may qualify as first-gen. By helping students to self-identify, your student support teams are better able to connect them with first-gen faculty, alumni, and other students. Hearing from others who have had similar experiences and learning how they coped and dealt with various difficult challenges can be the catalyst the first-gen student needs to feel valued and understood and to complete their degree successfully.

Join us for this online training to learn how to support your first-gen students on your campus so they take pride in being the “first to go” in their family. This webcast is designed to give you a framework for supporting these students that will help you organize your efforts across numerous departments as a cohesive unit. During this webcast, you will learn how El Camino College and University of California, Los Angeles involved faculty and various departments on campus to improve the success of their first-gen students by creating online and in-person support programs and maintain the momentum of the programs.

Access this webcast with your Academic Impressions membership.