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SPARC Virtual Workshop: Rules and Regulations: Where Does It Say We Have To Do That?

Federal regulations often drive our institutional policies, particularly when it comes to the management of federal awards. But to what extent are our institution’s policies/ procedures required by federal regulation versus the institution choosing to go beyond what regulation may require? Are these choices deliberate, the result of a corrective action plan, a best practice of peer institutions, or simply institutional culture? Can you respond confidently when one of your researchers asks the question “where does it say we have to do that?”

This workshop will examine a variety of regulations that impact the day-to-day management of federal awards with the goal of helping participants answer these questions, and to better understand where regulations end and institutional policies begin. The workshop will cover essential federal award requirements, primarily drawing upon the Uniform Guidance, but with some references to the Federal Acquisition Regulation to demonstrate how federal requirements can impact an award differently based on whether it’s a grant or a contract.

Registration Required for this virtual workshop as the room capacity is limited.