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Academic Impressions Webcast: Creating Safe Spaces for Students by Taking ACTION Against Microaggressions

Empower yourself to intervene in the moment of a microaggression to build community and trust with students.

Microaggressions are small, subtle moments when communication can be offensive, even when it’s not intended to be. Over time, they build up, create tension, and can have a long-lasting negative impact on the student. It can be difficult to confront these situations, for fear of making the situation worse. However, it is necessary to intervene to build community and trust and to ensure a safe space for your students.

Come to this webcast to learn how to intervene the moment a microaggression impacts your student. You will be introduced to a framework that will guide you through how to:

  1. Ask the right questions to defuse the tension

  2. Respond to the microaggression in a way that creates a safe space for your students

  3. Take action to make the situation right

Access this webcast with your Academic Impressions membership.