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Academic Impressions Webcast: Accessibility at All Times: Supporting Neurodiverse Learning Outside of the Classroom

Learn how East Carolina University supported their students’ neurodiversity through academic technologies and specialized tutoring.

As of now, much of our curriculum in higher ed is initially designed as if learners are “neurosimilar,” then retrofitted for those who don’t meet that mold. This leads to many students seeking additional support outside of the classroom in order to achieve academic success.

Contrary to some beliefs, neurodiversity (or learner variability) applies to all students. Essentially, neurodiversity is the idea that neurological and learning differences among people are the result of naturally occurring variations within the human genome. Rather than looking for a cure to “fix” neurodiverse behaviours, neurodiversity focuses on accommodating and supporting the diverse population. Human brains all learn differently; therefore, neurodiversity should be regarded as the rule, not the exception.

In this webcast, Dr. Elizabeth Coghill will describe how:

  • ECU’s Pirate Academic Success Center promotes the success of various learners by infusing the curriculum with universal design principles and academic technologies

  • She, her staff, and a network of peer tutors equip students to be independent learners

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