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For Chairs: Leveraging Your Strengths as a Leader Session 2 Webcast

Play to your strengths and increase your individual and team effectiveness.

Taking the StrengthsFinder assessment to uncover your top 5 strengths is the first step toward fully leveraging your gifts and talents.  Have you reflected on how your strengths align with your individual role and your team’s goals? 

Join us online to learn how to use the information from the StrengthsFinder assessment more effectively in your career.  Session 1 will focus on your individual strengths. Session 2 will focus on your teams’ strengths.  You will leave with a deeper understanding of the “why” behind your job satisfaction and your contributions. 


Session 2: Leveraging the Strengths of Your Team (May 8, 2019) 

  • The four domains of leadership 

  • What your strengths say about your domains of leadership 

  • What your team’s domains of leadership say about your ability to accomplish goals 

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