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Academic Impressions Webcast: Assessing Incoming Student Readiness for Online Learning

Better evaluate your incoming students’ readiness to succeed in online learning.

Evaluate the preparedness of your incoming online students in a more meaningful way. This webcast will teach you how to implement proven assessment strategies and improve upon the assessments that you already have in place. You will leave better prepared to answer questions such as:

  • How can I best evaluate the writing, reading, and critical thinking skills of my incoming online students?

  • Can I administer my assessments without creating barriers in the application process?

  • Should I outsource my assessments or build my tools in-house?

  • How do competency-based assessment and prior learning relate to intake assessment?

Throughout the webcast, we will review several examples of assessments in various formats. You will get action-planning resources for you to take and begin to make adjustments to your current assessments or develop new ones that are specific to your campus.

Access this webcast with your Academic Impressions membership.