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Academic Impressions Webcast: Strategies for Effective and Actionable Academic Program Reviews

Be more intentional and data-driven in your academic review process.

With ever increasing pressure to stay relevant, institutions need to be more intentional in how they approach academic program review. It’s essential to integrate the right data for the right reasons in order to close the gap between process and actionable results. A lack of consistent data, metrics, and staff engagement can often cloud results and render the process ineffectual.

Join us for this live webcast to learn:

  • Why and how institutions are changing their academic program review processes

  • How you can start collecting and sharing trustworthy data to support the process

  • How you can approach transforming your academic program review process to support your resource planning decisions

In this session, our expert from University of Denver will explain how they aligned their data, gained the trust of their peers and board members, and transformed the academic program review process into a substantive, strategic conversation.

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