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Academic Impressions Webcast: Managing Difficult Faculty

Learn how to more effectively address negative behavior and performance problems of your faculty.

Using case studies, you will practice four steps for dealing with difficult faculty who exhibit unprofessional, unproductive, or even destructive behavior. Throughout this program, we will examine the essential elements of success when managing difficult faculty:

  • Essential elements of success

  • Step 1: Engage

  • Step 2: Manage

  • Step 3: Enforce

  • Step 4: Marginalize

What do we mean by difficult faculty, and why does it matter?

Do any of these faculty members sound familiar to you: the “rarely ever seen,” the “meeting disrupter,” the “toxic personality,” the “bully,” the “non-collaborator,” the “terrible teacher,” the “hasn’t produced any scholarship in decades,” the “never volunteers for anything,” or the “criticizes other faculty and administration to the students?” These are just some of the many challenging faculty characteristics that supervisors, directors, chairs, and deans must manage.

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