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Academic Impressions Webcast: Creating Support Structures to Help Graduate Students Develop a Professional Identity

Graduate students, unlike their undergrad counterparts, often do not have dedicated student support systems. However, not all graduate students want to pursue a career in academia and many need avenues for seeking career options, gaining professional skills, and preparing for life after higher education. During this training, you will learn how Virginia Commonwealth University was able to provide support in four critical areas to help grads make the transition from student to professional, including:

  • Interviewing skills
  • Understanding professional culture
  • Knowing your options for careers
  • Dealing with anxiety through the transition

For each of these topics, we will discuss what sub-topics were included, how the support was staffed and resourced, the format the support was given in, and a suggested timeline for when the support was given. You will leave with plenty of ideas for how to replicate similar support for your graduate students.

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