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Academic Impressions Webinar: Five Key Components of a Successful Intrusive Advising Process

Learn how your advising team can make the most of your data, timing, and support personnel to have a greater impact on academically at-risk students. During this webinar we will discuss how full-time advisors of undergraduate students can use intrusive/proactive advising to improve students’ motivation and academic success, including:

  • Making the most of critical timing in your outreach points
  • Improving interdepartmental communication
  • Using data and predictive modeling to inform your practice
  • Engaging students through coaching
  • Maximizing your content and delivery in student meetings

Administrators and frontline staff in academic advising roles will leave this online training better able to utilize proactive advising to effectively serve their undergraduate students. These frontline staff members include:

  • Academic counselors, advisors, and coaches
  • Individuals in academic services or support programs
  • Directors and coordinators of student success programs and centers
  • Retention coordinators and specialists
  • Academic peer mentor trainers