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Academic Impressions Webinar: Four Leadership Practices for New or Aspiring Deans

Research has shown that strong and supportive leadership from academic deans is imperative for the continuous enhancement of knowledge, skills, and performance of their faculty, and is central for the identification and development of future leaders. But what makes for a strong and supportive leader and how can you hone these skills?

Join us online as we help you articulate and develop the following four leadership best practices that will enable you to be a more effective dean:

  1. Build, empower, and inspire a strong leadership team
  2. Ensure an inspiring vision
  3. Tailor your emotional intelligence communication
  4. Model and encourage continual leadership learning and development

After working through these practices, you will leave the online training with more knowledge and skills necessary to handle the rigors that come with a deanship.

This webcast is designed for new or aspiring deans who are looking for best practices to enhance their leadership ability necessary to be successful in their roles.

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