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Academic Impressions Webcast: Creating Interdisciplinary Research and Scholarship

Learn how to create an environment of interdisciplinary research and scholarship on your campus. During this 60-minute webcast we will help you develop a strategy for implementing interdisciplinary research on your campus, including:

  • How to prioritize research areas
  • Nine potential options for creating interdisciplinary research with limited resources
  • Creating a research structure to support collaboration
  • Incentives and rewards to fuel targeted research areas

We will close by reviewing a comprehensive research cycle you can utilize after establishing your research areas.  

Why Interdisciplinary Research?

Interdisciplinary research is quickly gaining a lot of traction and attention in higher education and there are specific reasons behind its success. Interdisciplinary research allows institutions to:

  • Maximize institutional resources by developing shared spaces, laboratories, and computing services rather than duplicating these for all faculty
  • Provide a fertile environment for cross-disciplinary academic program development
  • Increase fundability since many funding agencies seek multifaceted approaches to a research question and/or want to know the broader impact of the proposed work
  • Create a cutting-edge learning opportunity for students by mirroring “real-world” interactions in which a team of people from varied backgrounds work together to address an issue or complete a project

Who Should Attend

This webcast is designed for provosts, vice presidents of research, deans, program directors, department chairs, and research officers who are looking to implement and support interdisciplinary research at their institution.

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