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Academic Impressions Webcast: Incentivizing Faculty and Staff Retirement

Don’t wait until troubling financial situations arise to develop an incentivized retirement plan.

Many institutions incentivize retirement as a reaction to unstable fiscal situations rather than proactively managing the process to find a mutually beneficial solution for the institution and employees. In this online training, you will learn how Cedar Crest College approached this thorny faculty issue by implementing a respectful and phased approach to retirement. Similarly, you will hear how the college was able to provide its staff financial freedom to retire. You will leave this training with an understanding of the structure that made this mutually beneficial arrangement possible, including the timing of the roll-out as well as the financial and academic impact of the retirement incentives program.

Complimentary Retirement Resources

Included with your registration are a number of additional resources to help your faculty retirement initiative, including:

  • Staffing survey
  • Eligible employees chart to help track eligibility
  • Samples of Cedar Crest College’s plan
  • Examples of forms and agreements
  • Plan announcement memo

Access this webinar though your Academic Impressions account.