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Academic Impressions Webcast: Title IX: Four Essentials for Faculty

Learn the essentials of how Title IX applies to your daily work as a faculty member. This online training has been designed as a practical guide for what you absolutely must know about Title IX. To help you better understand and support compliance efforts on your campus, topics include:

  • Reporting obligations and methods for faculty and department chairs
  • Techniques for supporting your students
  • How faculty can support greater institutional Title IX compliance efforts
  • Legal liability for non-compliance

While the webcast itself will focus solely on the practical ways that Title IX affects faculty members’ daily work, it can also be helpful to have a greater understanding of the regulation. As such, the facilitators have gathered several readings to serve as a primer about Title IX that you can read at your convenience. These readings include some historical context on Title IX that you can complete outside of the webcast time and are included with registration.

Access this webcast with your Academic Impressions membership.