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Academic Impressions Webcast: Using Academic Program Cost Analysis to Improve the Efficiency of Your Department

Completing an analysis of your academic costs can help you deploy faculty more productively.

Academic leaders are being called upon to improve the productivity of their operations, but many lack appropriate data and strategic analysis to increase output and reduce costs. Join us to learn how one institution used data-driven evidence to:

  • Determine differential cost per credit hour across a range of departments
  • Examine average revenue, costs, and contribution margin per program
  • Identify specific courses that present opportunities to improve net tuition revenue

Workbooks Included with Registration

During the webinar, you will see examples of spreadsheets to perform breakeven, contribution margin, and trend analysis to better understand the cost structure of your programs and departments. This analysis will help you calculate costs within your department to identify where inefficiencies exist and understand where to start remedying the situation. You will also receive spreadsheet examples of how to perform financial analysis of faculty retirement programs, and how to create a business model for new programs.